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National Motorcycle Museum, UK (September 2003) Page 3 of 3.

3-wheelers at the National Motorcycle Museum, UK (August 2003).

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1910 Auto Carrier Delivery Tricar.

“Auto Carrier” was an ideal name for a tricar delivery truck.  Auto Carrier Ltd stopped producing 3-wheelers in 1921 and continued to make 4-wheelers under the name of AC, of which the AC Cobra is probably the most noted.

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1934 Morgan Super Sports Matchless 990cc Engine.

Clever is the man who can see a gap in the market and fill it for a life time.  Rolls and Royce did it with their car for the wealthy, Henry Ford did it for the not so wealthy millions with his “Model T”, the immortal “Tin Lizzie”, and though not in the same league, H.F.S Morgan, proprietor of a country garage in Malvern, Worcestershire, did it with the Morgan 3-wheeler.

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Quadrant Forecar

The Quadrant was first brought out at the end of 1903 as a single speed machine and was one of several makes of forecar that enjoyed a run of popularity at that time.


Manufacturer: The Quadrant Cycle Co., Sheepcoat Street, Birmingham. UK.

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1924 Seal 1,000cc

Sociable, Economical and Light is the wording on the Maker’s transfer.  The first of these is undoubtedly true as four people huddles together in that piece of bodywork could hardly avoid being sociable. As far as the other two claims are concerned, perhaps it depends on what you mean by economical and lightweight, although somewhere in the region of 5cwt is light for a 4 seater family model.  Contempoary advertising claims the Seal to be the cheapest family model on the road 50-60mpg, £4.0.0 tax.

Manufacturer: Seal Motors Ltd, 348 Stretford Road, Hulme, Manchester. (UK)

See Seal in A-Z section of this site

.. and finally

I couldn’t help but include this 3-wheeled motorcycle I spotted out of sheer curosity.

1932 Brough Superior 800cc Austin Engined Four

Sensation of the Olympia Show in November 1931 was a water cooled straight four from the Brough Superior stables.  DesIgned as a luxury passenger outfit the machine employed an Austin engine similar to but slightly larger than the unit fitted to the baby Austin car. A car type 3 speed and reverse gearbox is incorporated with a modified gate to prevent accidental engagement of reverse. Final drive is by shaft.

Before appearing at the show, a prototype had undergone over 7,000 miles of testing and the major assemblies were reported to be trouble free. In fact only ten of this model were ever made and most of them can be accounted for.

Manufacturer: George Brough Ltd, Haydn Road, Nottingham. (UK)