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Moto-Guzzi was founded in Italy 1917 by Carlo Guzzi and Giogio Parodi who had met in the Italian Air Force a number of years earlier.  Moto Guzzi started to produce 3-wheelers in 1928 and in 1963 under contract to the Italian military, Moto Guzzi manufactured a 3 X 3 vehicle called the “Mullo Mechanico” (Mechanical Mule) that was powered by a  700cc 90-degree transverse V-twin engine. Steering was to the front wheel whilst the rear wheels featured “track-like” wheels.

During the 1960s Moto Guzzi also produced a 50cc Pickup called the Dingotre. Although I can not yet find out when, a two seater open back van type 3-wheeler called the “Ercules” that was powered by a 300 - 500cc engine was also made by Moto Guzzi.  Moto Guzzi continued to make 3-wheelers up until the early 1980’s.

The 1963 Moto-Guzzi “Mullo Mechanico”. (My thanks to Eric Allbutt for sending me this picture)

A Moto-Guzzi “Dingotre”. (My thanks to Eric Allbutt for sending me this picture)


A Moto-Guzzi

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