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Make: W&B, London

Part No: N/A

Scale: Approx 1:40

Title: 1930’s / 1940’s Reliant Regent

Description: Little is known about this model but it was purchased off ebay as a reproduction model in cast lead of a 1940/50's Reliant 3-wheeler Van. As it has “GR” on it though I would think it is probably a 1930’s/1940’s model. The Reliant did not have a tank behind the headlight as this model does but it does have a steering wheel. It may therefore be a slightly inaccurate model of an early Reliant or another vehicle such as the 1930’s Raleigh. I am also a bit curious as to why a reproduction model would be made in cast lead - rather than something safer like diecast or white metal. The tyres are solid rubber.

Amount Made: N/A

Released: N/A

Numbered Certificate: No

Made in: UK

Made of: Lead

Availability: The model shown has is the only one I have ever seen though I am sure there are more about somewhere?

Variations: None

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