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Make: Lledo (Promotional)

Part No: VP022/1003

Scale: 1:43

Title: 3-wheelers.com Reliant Regal Supervan III

Description: The 3-Wheelers.com model was created as a souvenir for this web site. The model features the 3-wheelers.com logo each side of the van and also has the number plate ELV 214K. It is probably the first Lledo Reliant model to feature white and yellow plates rather than the older black type. The Model pictured above is model number 0001. Models can be purchased from this site. Click here for more info.

Amount Made: 1,000 (Limited Edition)

Released: October 2002

Numbered Certificate: Yes + Additional signed Certificate.

Made in: China

Made of: Diecast

Availability: Sold Out - No longer available.

Variations: Model number 196 is hand painted for a “dirty effect”


Amount Made: 1


The first Prototype model was created by Lledo in June 2002. This model is hand painted and has hand applied 3-wheelers.com decals. As the paint is thicker on this model it is darker than the production models. In addition it does not have any number plates


Amount Made: 2


The first Pre-production model was created by Lledo in July 2002. This model is machine painted and is much lighter in colour than the prototype. This model now has number plates (ELV 214K) which are in a slightly thicker font than on the production model. There is also an error on the logo as the . has been missed out in between 3-wheelers and com. In addition this model has plain grey wheels unlike the chrome ones on both the protoype and the production model. It is believed that a second pre-production model with the correct wheels and logo also existed at the Lledo factory in China.

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