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This is a photo that I recently discovered from my University days. During the second year I lived with three ladies and when one left, her room was temporarily used by a chap called Mick Gillan who was, amongst other things, in to Photography. We had lots of strange photos taken around the house in various "artisitic" poses but this was one taken in my Reliant Robin.

The idea was to turn the wipers on and look out of the window as though there was a UFO or something flying overhead. Someone even stood there with a watering can pouring water over the car as the photo was taken so it was all very bizarre and quite funny at the time. Mick also took photos of my Robin at night time with the lens left open so that it would create a blurr on the photo. I had to drive round the block again and again and again until we found the right speed that looked best on camera.  Sadly I never saw those photos as he left soon afterwards but the photo opposite always makes me smile. Mick signed his photos on the understanding that if he ever became famous and I was poor I could sell them!!!

Elvis sees UFO in Reliant Robin! (What a newspaper heading that would make?)

Note:  For any Reliant Robin drivers wondering about the air scoop on the bonnet that was off an old Skoda Estelle.  I cut a hole in the bonnet and screwed the air scoop over it then painted it to match the body.  It worked quite well as well keeping the carb cool in summer.