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This picture was taken in 1994 whilst I was at university. One of my house mates (Nicki Rust: the lady in the back of the car) brought a word processor, the box it came in however was a lot bigger than we anticipated and so it took a few minutes of acrobatics to get it into my Rialto. This may explain my expression in this photograph!

It was about the same time that we, along with the photographer of this picture (Dave Tonkin) went to watch Speed at the cinema with Keanu Reeves.

Driving home, Nicki sat in the front of the car and Dave sat in the back. I was driving at about 60mph and jesting that I couldn't slow down under 56mph else the bomb would blow. (As in the film Speed) However, unbeknown to me the road I took had now been fitted with speed bumps - something I wasn't aware off. 

In addition as these ramps were so new they still had no markings on them making them visible. I hit the first ramp and the car took off.  When it landed we heard a loud thud and then groaning from the back seat. As we turned round we saw that Dave had been flipped off his seat and landed somehow in the footwell. To make matters worse my home made wooden parcel shelf had also took off, cleared the seat and landed on top of him.  Sadly we laughed hysterically though Dave wasn't too pleased with his new bruises.  Needless to say next time I drove down that street it was a lot slower!