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Herald Leader (Page 6 - 7th May 2003)

On May 7th was featured in my local free newspaper the Herald Leader who wrote an article on the site reaching 200,000 hits.  This story was also mentioned in the main Tamworth Herald newspaper a week before.

Town’s homage to Reliant Robin three-wheelers

A Tamworth resident is celebrating after his website dedicated to three wheeled cars received its 200,000th hit.

The site, which features 710 pages of information on three wheeled cars, has become the biggest of its kind in the world since it was set up two years ago.

It is even mentioned as a reference point in software giant Microsoft’s Encarta Encyclopedia. 

And the site’s creator, Glascote resident Elvis Payne,is delighted it has become popular with so many thousands of people across the world.

Originally dedicated to the Reliant Robin built at the now demolished factory in Two Gates, Tamworth, the website has been broadened to pay homage to every type of three wheeled car in the world.

But Elvis admits his friends laughed when he first came up with the idea of a website dedicated to three wheelers. “A lot of my friends laughed and said it would be lucky to get ten hits but within a few months it had 10,000 hits, then 50,000 and then 100,000 and it has now topped 200,000. Its amazing and at over 700 pages, is the biggest of its kind in the world”.

Elvis who receives around 40 emails every day from three wheel car enthusiast, is also frequently contacted by television companies wanting to film the cars and their owners.

And the site has also been featured on Top Gear as well as in Classic Car magazines.

“My aim is to get 1,000 pages of information on the site so every imaginable fact is accessible for enthusiast” Elvis added.

Visit the site on