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Laughton Country Fayre, Nr Ringmer, East Sussex, UK. Sept 15th/16th 2001.

Report & Pictures by Alan Hubbard.

Probably one of the better Transport Festivals here in Sussex.( Pronounced Law-ton) Its only been going a few years and locally is being talked about as being better than the larger Hellingly festival along the road held every August bankholiday. The Laughton 2 day event had dull weather on Saturday but a warmish sunny day on Sunday (when we went) whilst the rest of Sussex got a bit  of a soaking! This time the fine weather certainly followed me around!

Its amazing what you can pack into a small area, and Laughton does not have the biggest site around but does make up for it by having a reasonable collection of  everything: Traction Engines, Steam Rollers, Motorcycles, Classic cars ,Vintage cars, Tractors, Commercials, Army, Model Boats, Fairground, your usual Market  stalls but sadly only a few selling Autojumble.

Fortunately there was a small collection of 3 wheelers to keep us enthusiasts happy A Messerchmit, A rare Bamby, A Citroen (Morgan type) and scrapping the barrel in terms of 3-wheelers a Martin Truck and a tractor!! now argueably you might say its not a 3 wheeler..........but it has definetly got 3 wheels!

Only £6 for an adult, £3 for a child and under 5's free. Fine weather and a fly past by a Spitfire made it another worth while day out.




Martin Truck.