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BBC “Inside Out” (February 24th / March 3rd 2003) - Page 2

The interview started with me perched on a pile of tyres in Grays “Reliant Grave yard” with dead Reliants everywhere and even one that had tripped over behind me. “Big George Webley” (the man from the telly) perched in front of me asking questions as Tracy Williams (the chap in charge) looked on. Later in the day when my girlfriend saw this photo on the LCD screen on my camera she looked at my jeans and said, “I hope you not getting dirt on my sofa, those tyres looked filthy!”

Part of the interview involved Big George and myself admiring a line of 3-wheelers as Big George was looking for one to buy. We came across an L reg Reliant Robin SLX and I said this one would cost a couple of thousand. Unfortunately I did not say this at first when the sound man (La De Dah Bumble! - one of the Bumble Brothers) smiled and enquired, “At first that sounded like you said it was worth a couple of quid”. So I tried again. (This bit wasn’t shown on TV)

Its a well known fact that I’ve mentioned before, but open an engine bay of a car and men will stare in - even if half the engine is missing!! This Robin was no exception as Beany Bumble zooms in his camera and everyone gazes into a half rotten Reliant wondering just how on Earth you work on the engine.

Not too sure what Tracy was talking about here but Big George doesn’t seem too impressed by the size of it. I on the other hand look stunned!

Interview over and Big George and I pose next to the carcus of one Reliant Robin’s final resting place.

I had a grand time so my thanks goes to all those folks at the BBC for inviting me and especially to Sheila Webley for taking these photos for this web site.