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The Horlacher (also called the Egg) was first manufactured in Switzerland in 1986. Designed by Max Horlacher the vehicle was built to enter Solar Races in Europe during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. The Tour-de-Sol (world championship) and the ASEM in Switzerland, the Solar Cup Denmark, the Tour de Ruhr in Germany, The Austria Solar Cup and many more. The Horlacher won all of them in their category! 

Powered by 11 Levo GT55 12V lead acid batteries along with the fibre reinforced composite material body the Horlacher weighed just 300 kg (with batteries) and could reach 49 mph (80 km/h) and travel approx 62 miles (100km) between charges.

Approximately 32 vehicles were also made for private Swiss consumers and it is believed around 20 of these are still being used on the roads. Production of the Horlacher ceased in 1990.

Horlacher GL 88-2

The Horlacher GL 88-2. (My thanks to Freddy Thommen for sending in this photo)

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