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Reliant Archives

5th Reliant Gathering

Tamworth Heritage Weekend, Tamworth, Staffs. UK (12th September 2010)

Set 9 : 85 -  96


The six RAF chaps busy replacing the radiator in the 1980 Reliant Robin.

The 1980 Reliant Robin repaired and leaving Tamworth to head for RAF Gibraltar.

Reliants on display in St Editha’s Square.

The photo was given to me by someone visiting the display as they told me in the in the 1930s their family used this Reliant van for the nurseries business “A. Naylor & Sons”.  This van therefore was running around the streets of Tamworth throughout the late 1930s and 1940s.  The slogan on the side is “A Tamworth Tomato for a Tasty Tea”.

Fresh from Tamworth Carnival the Prince and Princess of Tamworth unveil “35” for the first time.

The commemorative plaque for all Reliants, again kindly sponsored by CHG Performance.

The Reliant sign off the original Tamworth factory with a 3-wheelers.com sign made by Geoff and Kirsty Gee.

Our thanks to Graham Hodgson for creating the logo for the Reliant Gathering in 2010.

The Car of the Day trophy.


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