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Reliant Archives

5th Reliant Gathering

Tamworth Heritage Weekend, Tamworth, Staffs. UK (12th September 2010)

Set 1 : 1 - 12

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1935 Reliant 7cwt owned by Geoff Payne.  (One of three known to exist - this one styled on Tom Williams’ 1934 prototype). See restoration by clicking here.

1949 Reliant 8cwt van loaned to Geoff Payne for the weekend by the Black Country Living museum in Dudley.

1954 Reliant Regal Mk II owned by James Holland and currently being restored.

1958 Reliant Regal Mk IV owned by Chris Warwick and one of only three known to exist.

1960 Reliant Regal Mk VI owned by Paul Dunn.

1961 Reliant Regal Mk VI van owned by Elvis Payne and believed to be the only one still one the road.

1971 Reliant Regal Supervan III owned by James Holland.

1980 Reliant Robin Mk 1 owned by Terry Waghorn.

1985 Reliant Rialto 2 GLS owned by Kevin Thompson.

1990 Reliant Robin LX owned by Geoff Payne.

1973 Bond Bug owned by Rory Lynas.

2000 Reliant Robin Mk 3 owned by Terry O’Keeffe.


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