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Tamworth Heritage Weekend :5th Reliant Gathering 20100

Sunday September 12th 2010 - Tamworth, Staffs. UK

The history of Tamworth is celebrated each year with the Tamworth Heritage weekend that is held each September.   During this weekend a number of activities are arranged along with free access to the town’s historical buildings including Tamworth Castle, the town hall, the Almhouses, Middleton Hall and indeed the double sprial helix staircase (the only one of its type in the UK) is open to the public at St Editha’s church. 

Since 2006 we have been a pat of this organising a Reliant display each year, the Reliant Motor Company being part of Tamworth’s history from 1935 - 1998.  Each year the Reliant display has gone from strength to strength, in 2006 we had 5 Reliants, 2007 we had 25 Reliants, 2008 54 Reliants and in 2009 81 Reliants turned up.  In 2010 the Reliant Gathering is extra special as it will help to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Reliant, the 10th anniversary of 3-wheelers.com and the 5th anniversary of the Reliant Gathering.

Whats at the 5th Reliant Gathering?

  • Vehicles from every decade!

2009 was a first in that the gathering had Reliant vehicles from every decade from 1935 - 2000.  2010 will be the same with a Reliant vehicle (both 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler) from every decade of manufacture on display.

  • Unveiling of “35”

On display will be “35”, a 1935 vehicle that is being restored as a copy of Tom Williams’ 1934 Reliant prototype.  It is planned that this vehicle will be completed for the Heritage weekend and unveiled by the staff at the Tamworth Information Centre.

  • From Tamworth to R.A.F Gibraltar

On the day there will be six members of 216 Squadron Tristar Support with two Reliant Robins on display.  To raise money for charity two teams will be driving the Reliant Robins from the Reliant Gathering in Tamworth to R.A.F Gibraltar.

  • Prototype and Specials

Over the years we have had a number of prototypes on display at the Reliant Gatherings.  This year it is hoped to have them again, at the moment it is planned to have the Reliant Robin powered by a 3.5 litre V8 engine and the FW9 4-wheeler prototype.

  • As seen on TV

A number of the Reliant vehicles on display have been / will be seen on TV.  There are vehicles on show that have appeared in The Royal, Top Gear, British Forces TV and the film Souled Out.

  • Prizes and plaques

Every Reliant that turns up will receive a free Welcome Pack* that includes amongst other things a commemorative plaque.  In the pack will also been a Car of the Day card where by the public can vote for their favourite Reliant. (Last year it was won by a Reliant Sabre) for which there will be a trophy and second and third prizes.  As this is also the 5th Reliant Gathering, there are also a few surprise trophies that are being planned.

  • Owners and ex-employees

Along with the vehicles perhaps one of the most enjoyable things is to meet with the owners themselves and talk about their vehicles.  The Reliant Gathering also, without fail, brings along numerous ex-Reliant employees from all eras who have amazing stories to tell and all seem to delight in being able to share them.  The gathering is superb in the way it brings together Reliant types of all shapes and sizes together in one place.

  • Photos from the past

One of the things that brought great interest last year was numerous photos being displayed from the past - which brought delight to numerous ex-Relant employees as they spotted them selves in the photos. In one case one of our visitors was a former model who had photos of herself posing with a Reliant Regal Mk III in 1958.

  • Tamworth

Whilst the gathering is all about Reliants remember that the event is all about Tamworth’s past.  You can explore all that Tamworth has to offer in the sound knowledge that your vehicle is in a safe place and being watched over.  The gathering is in the heart of Tamworth and the castle, town hall, shopping centre, Almshouse are all within a few minutes walk away.

  • Camping & Hotels

5th Reliant Gathering clothing

The 5th Reliant Gathering logo is now available on various items of clothing.  Click here to go to our online shop.

There are plenty of camp sites around Tamworth and hotels within it. Camping facilities are available  near by at Dosthill Boys Club where a number of Reliants will be staying.  The site has minimal facilities though is only a mile or so away from the Reliant Gathering.  There will be a fixed fee of 5 whether you stay one night or two nights.  This fee will pay for bar staff to open up the club house on Saturday night as well as provide a donation to the Boys Club.  Should you wish to camp, please let me know by emailing:


Do you have a Reliant?


If you have a Reliant, no matter what sort or what condition, why not bring it along and join in the fun?  We ask that all cars be on site for 10:30am and remain on display until 4pm. If you plan to leave earlier, that’s no problem.  Just let us know in advance and we can make sure your car is parked in such a way you have easy access out of the display.

Every Reliant vehicle that turns up will receive a Welcome Pack that includes a commemorative plaque.  Initially we are only making 150 Welcome Packs and so we ask if all those coming could register their vehicle to ensure they get a pack on the day.

To register your vehicle please click here.

To view the database of all Reliants currently registered for 2010 please click here

All Reliants are welcome whether they are 3-wheelers, 4-wheelers or Reliant based vehicles like the Jimp or Asquith. It does not need to be on the road either, if you would like to trailer a Reliant along please let us know so we can save a place for your trailer, though trailer space is limited so please let use know in advance.

How to find the 5th Reliant Gathering!

The event is at St Editha’s Church Square in Church Street, Tamworth (B79 7BX) on Sunday 12th September 2010. For those who Sat Navs please note that this location is in the middle of a pedestrianised zone and so once you get to Tamworth the Sat Nav may be a little confused.  There will be signs for the Reliant Gathering on roads around the town centre though on the whole it is perhaps best to head for the Snow Dome in Tamworth and pick up the Reliant signs from there. (See map)

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