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Tamworth Herald. (Page 15 December 11th 2008)

The story had a slight mistake in that it mentions my van is a prototype though I think that they possibly looked in their archives and deduced this from another story in which they thought my last 3-wheeler was a prototype as well.

Rare three-wheeler is star of TV drama.
By Gemma Toulson.

A RARE prototype of a Reliant three-wheeler van owned by a Tamworth resident is set to feature in a top ITV television series.

Elvis Payne’s 1961 Reliant Regal MK VI van has been used in the medical drama The Royal which is set in 1969.

Out of the 3.053 Mk VI vans made in Tamworth between November 1961 and October 1962, his is believed to be one of only eight vehicles still surviving.

And nobody has apparently seen another one for years, so it is possible his is the only one still on the road.

The Regal Mk VI is the last of the 1950’s models with a side-valve 747cc engine and a fibreglass body attached to a wooden frame.

Elvis told the Herald: “Last week I was invited over to Scarborough for a couple of days where the van was filmed for the new series of The Royal.

“I won’t give away any story lines but the van is driven by two of the characters in The Royal.

“The van will be in the 11th or 12th episode of the eight series, which starts in mid 2009 and will be the first Reliant to appear in the show.

“My Reliant is a rolling restoration so while mechanically the vehicle is sound, the body needs painting and the interior completing.

“I had primed the vehicle ready to paint and the TV folks wanted it to look really old and tatty and so the vehicle was given a “dirty makeover” which turned it from a clean vehicle into something that just about looks road worthy.”

In addition to The Royal, last September the van was used for a new film called Souled Out which is set in 1974.

“This comes out in 2009 though in the film the Reliant is just background furniture so if you blink you will probably miss it” Elvis added.

The van has also been used by the BFBS (British Forces Television) with a few other Reliants in media bytes to advertise a new channel.

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