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Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008

Preparing for the journey - January 2008

Even more from Geoff ...

Happy New year from Elvis and I

I managed to get some work done during December which was a surprise. The paint work has been all rub down and then re-painted inside so the paint can dry properly this time. Knowing the problems Elvis had when he hit the gel coat of Ole Blue the old paint on New Blue was flatted but I never worried about trying to get it to baby bottom smooth. All said and done though I am fairly happy with her now. As most of the body work is going to be covered in stickers I will just place them near the bad bits lol.

The sharp eyed amongst you will notice that the rear window rubbers have been painted over this is so when the windows are tinted it looks more like a van. I am not trying to make a copy of Ole Blue but I do want it to be recognised with it. I am using 40% blue tint supplied by Mark from R3W (Thanks Mark) on the two rear windows and the back window this means that anyone trying to look in won’t see much, but when Elvis and I are on the trip on the wrong side of the road it means we can see a bit more.

Talking of seeing I have upgraded the old H4 head lamp bulbs for the new type Zeon blue units. I have been running these in the old bus and they are far better than the standard ones. Find of the century came from my friend at work Keith when at a car boot he found a brand new bulb kit with every bulb and fuses in one nice small blow moulded case for £3 so this takes care of the fact we need to carry spare bulbs.

Also I have got “Fist Aid Kit Carried” as I am a registered first aider and “Fire Extinguisher Carried” Not really needed but helps people know when there is a problem and there all running round like headless chickens when there is some stuff located.

One other change that is going to take place is we are now going to fit CB radios to some of the cars as it was found that it was hard to hear the small hand held units in the Robin meaning it was not up to the job.

I have also taken delivery of my new number plates for New Blue as well and I must admit they do look good.

It’s hoped by the end of January that New Blue will be almost complete again and looking good. Once the out side is finished as much as it can be then I will start the inside as the front seats need replacing and some sort of racking and a protection wall need to be fitted.

Geoff Payne. January 2008

I am going to hijack Geoff’s update to also add that we now have an online blog at that we will be using throughout the event.

Our aim will be to report daily in the blog the trials and tribulations of the day and maybe upload a few photos to. Just so the folks at home can marvel at our madness and sip their tea thanking, “rather them than me”. 

It is deactivated at the moment but come the time, should you wish, you will be able to register and leave comments on our daily activities.

Elvis. January 2008.

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New Blue now looking very blue.


H4 headlamp bulbs. (Old and new bulb)


Safety stickers for car (image reversed).


CB Radio.


New number plates with caricature of New Blue and on the bottom.


Letting the paint dry.