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Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008

Preparing for the journey - December 2007

Iíve been back in Dubai yet again but Geoff soldiers on ...

Well another month has passed and Christmas is getting closer.

A bit of a sad month this time as my long time racer know as Pinky has been sold and gone down south to her new home.

I managed to get the thermostat housing on with out braking it (My thanks to Kerry for supplying one for me), I just asked Pete to fit it. Once all was fitted we then poured water in to check it no leaks thatís a good sign I said. Then I asked Pete to start the engine so I could check for other leaks and guess what the water pump leaked big time arrrrr.

Well Pete came to the rescue again as he had a new one sitting in his garage so after fitting that all went well. What would I do with out Pete and John for parts thanks to you both.

To aid under bonnet temperatures I have fitted two bonnet scoops. These are facing backwards so that air rushing over the bonnet will suck the hot air out from under the hood.

Another change this month is the rear side lights that have been fitted to aid the car being seen from the side. These also act as reflectors. I was not going to put them on but as I found them in the garage as I was going though my stuff I thought I would put them on.

I have rubbed down the paint work again as when I painted it last time the cold got under the paint and lifted it creating a real mess in parts. As we are having such lovely weather at the moment I had a word with my boss if it was possible to put it in the warehouse to paint it in there which means it should be a lot better.

The good thing now is that with is being under cover it means I can get on with her after work with out worrying what the weather is doing which is grand.

I did have some fun taking it to work though,

1st I forgot I had not screwed the rear lights in only placed so on the trip to work I lost the off side light.

2nd My bus packed up on the way, I got it restarted but just and got there on a wing and a prayer but the bus has now got to the point itís not worth fixing so will be scraped.

3rd when I got to work I went to open the driverís door of New Blue to take the keys out of the ignition and the door would not open. So I thought other door but it was locked. So I left it and had a look at home if I had any keys to fit but alas I did not. Then it stuck me that the side panels were not on the engine bay yet so with Keith looking though the window gilding my hand I managed to put my arm up though the engine bay and undid the passengerís door lock. Feeling pleased with this I then reached across to open the drivers door from inside but it did not work :o( So there  was nothing for it I had to strip the door card out to find out what had gone wrong. When I got to the lock I realised my mistake when retro fitting the early handles, I had left the lock spring in place so when the car was moving to work the spring jumped over locking the door. This has now been all taken out so should not cause any more problems.

The best news of all I have saved to the end of this months update if you are still here, That is we have our first sponsor for the run.

Elvis and I would like to welcome Morris Oils as our first sponsor for the event. The do a great range of oils for all types of engines from classics to modern day as well as transmission oils. When working at Selly Oak 4x4 we only recommended people using Morris Oils and even when I am working on Old Red or the Reo at the Black Country Living Museum we still use Morris Oils so it seemed a good partner to take on board. You can find them at

Geoff Payne. December 2007

ďDonít break this oneĒ. Kerry (right) gives Geoff another thermostat housing.

Dodgy door locks.

Bonnet vents.

Rear marker lights.

New Blue as she currently looks.

Our first sponsors - Morris Lubricants.