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Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008

Preparing for the journey - October / November 2007

Whilst Iíve been working in Dubai, it seems like Geoff has been a busy bee - over to Geoff:

Well another two months have passed and things have finally started moving forward.

The engine has been finished and reinstalled and I must say it sounds really sweet as well. The only small problem I have is being too hamfisted with the wrench and snapping the edge of the thermostat housing. All going well though Elvis has one in the garage so I can pinch that when his not looking LOL. [Elvis - I heard that and yes, I do have a couple]

I have also fitted an expansion tank to the cooling system as this was a modification done to the later robins to help stop water loss. This has meant though that the jet wash bottle has had to be relocated to the other side of the heater. This was the easy bit the hard job was getting behind the dash to move the jet wash pipe so that it went to the left and not to the right. The two T pieces that I brought to make a by pass valve are a little on the large side so I will try and get smaller ones to make life easier. Also the heater pipes will need replacing completely before the trip is under taken.

I have sourced a good second hand heater and fitted that and then blanked off the outlet for the centre blower as that is not needed. This should also mean that there will be now better air flow to the windscreen.

Where the centre air blower came out in the car has now gone and I have used this for the extra dial that I have fitted, going from top left to right I now have a Rev counter, Vacuum gauge, Volts meter, Oil pressure and an air gauge. The last one will be for the air tank to run tyre inflator or air horns.

One big thing you may have notice is that she is looking a little blue at last. This is only the under coat though itís now going to need a good rub down as when it was left the night went really, really cold and has affected the paint big time. My boss has said though that when I am ready I can take it in to the workshop and paint it there then leave it there for a few days so the paint can go off.

Geoff Payne - November 2007.

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Before and after a fight with the paint brush.

Pete - The man who helped me no end.

New gauges installed.

Expansion tank now fitted.

Engine rebuilt and back in place.