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Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008

Preparing for the journey - September  2007

Iím off to Dubai again so I asked Geoff if he could write a quick update so that I can do a September update to the site before I go.:

What a rush this monthÖ Elvis is going back to distance shores so itís a fast update before he goes.

Jobs have been done though; the dash has now been cut to allow for the extra clocks in it. So now it sports a Rev counter, vac gauge, oil pressure gauge and a volt meter. This means that we donít have to depend on any lights these four gauges will tell us just whatís going on.

The driverís door is now finished. The regal handle has been retro fitted and works fine and the door card has been replaced hiding the new electric system hidden beneath it.

At last the transfers have arrived from Fletchers so can be fitted this month as I am also hoping to paint it in its true colour Blue.

Sparesman has come up trumps again as some nice low life smashed the near side mirror and he has sent me a replacement which wonít be fitted till she is back on the road again

And Pete has donated a pair of mini seats which look a lot more comfortable than the Reliant ones so once the floor has been sorted and the seat frames changed then they can be fitted. The door cards also have to be altered as the seats are wider than the Robin ones.

Geoff Payne. September 2007.

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New clocks in dash board.

Modified door card.

Regal handle on a Robin. transfers for the back window.