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Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008

Preparing for the journey - August 2007

Whilst Iíve been working away in Dubai enjoying temperatures of around 47 degrees celcius, the weather in the UK hasnít been very Summer like at all so rain still stopped play though my Geoff has been able to do a few things as he explains:

Well another month has passed and yet again things have been slow with work and things. I have got some jobs done though.

One of the main problems Elvis and I have in the Robin is we canít lower the windows whilst driving as are legs are in the way so I found an Electric window kit on E-bay for £45 and fitted that.

Fitting was straight forward and I just had bend the brackets holding the motor and winder in place so I could screw them down. The nice thing about this unit as well is it is very small which means the standard panel still fits on the door.

I used a small amount of silicon grease on the sliders to aid movement and this also reduces the strain on the motors.  The switches though I have mounted on the dash board as this is the best place to do it which means that the wring that came with the kit had to be changed a little.

The other job thatís been done is the driverís side door handle has been repaired at long last and just awaits the hole drilling to bolt the new handle on. I was hoping to have paint and the transfers on the side to take her to the Tamworth show but alas the transfers are not ready yet so we will see about showing her a few months down the line.

As my head is in other places at the moment Pete is coming round to kick me into action so things will start moving at last.

You can see the windows working at:

Geoff Payne. August 2007.

Go to September 2007

Hole under the door handle under repair.

Original window winder mechanism.

New electric window winder mechanism.

Electric window switches.