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Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008

Preparing for the journey - July 2007

It sounds like the great British summer hasn’t quite happened this year.  My brother says:

Well what can I say about July…..Rain Stoped Play.

All we have had is rain, rain and even more of the stuff so I have not had chance to do anything to the car as she sits out side.

One thing I did do thanks to the help of Pete is experiment in using twelve inch wheels instead of ten inch. The difference is out standing; at 50mph the rev range is dropped by 1000rpm which over time will help reduce the engine wear big time. The only small problem I can see is the torque needed to pull the extra high gearing. When I had loaded the car it did not seem to have too much trouble in copeing.

I have not been slow though as I have been collecting items that are needed for the trip as well as items that I wish to add to the car.

The list so far includes:

Four Spots (Along roof line)

Two driver lamps (Fitted where reliant put them in the bumper)

Search light

Oil gauge

Vacuum gauge

Air pressure gauge (for air tank)

Rev counter (may be changed to a 52mm diameter gauge)

Aux sockets

Speaker system (Not fitting a stereo using a portable system instead)

Side marker lights

Air tank (used to drive Air horns but also to blow up tyres)

Larger grill (needs to be cut to suite)

Electric fans

Rear wiper arm

Electric fuel pump

Warning triangle

Things that need to be made or fitted include:

Rear swing away wheel carrier (for two spare wheels)

Front bonnet vents

Fitting of two replacement front seats

Fitting of roof bars

Fitting of light bar

Cutting hole in front for new grill

Wheel spacers for new twelve inch wheels

I will be pulling the stops out over the next couple of months as I want the car to look the part for the Tamworth Heritage day in September.

Geoff Payne. July 2007.

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