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Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008

Preparing for the journey - June 2007

My brother continues:

Another month has passed and not a lot has been done with New Blue due to so much going on.

She made it to the Reliant National Rally and met Ole Blue for the first time. She was entered in the rescued class and came a very happy second. The main down fall was the fact that there was oil on the engine and the fact that the driverís door and bonnet were a different colour to the rest of the car.

These items never needed replacing but Pete (who has given me a lot of his time) needed said items for his Rialto as they were damaged and the only ones he could get were blue. So being as I was going to paint mine blue anyway, I did a swap with him.

While at the National I managed to source a Rev counter and an Oil pressure gauge which will go in New Blue so I donít have to rely on the lights.

One big difference to her this month is the installation of motor bike shocks to the rear suspension. This is standard practice to a lot of Reliants which have tow bars fitted to aid the springs.

New Blue on the other hand might not have the tow bar fitted now but still needs the added strength as she will be carrying all the goods on board. It was found out at the last Polar meeting that the ferry companies can charge as much for a trailer as they do for the car and as a Reliant and itís trailer will be no longer than a standard car this is a bit much. So we are going down the line of fitting a roof rack and having a top box.

All going well work will start soon in getting a lot more preparation work done within the next few weeks.

Geoff Payne

June 2007

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Ole Blue and Nw Blue meet for the first time at the Reliant National Rally.


New motorcycle type shock absorbers fitted at the rear.