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Three Wheels to Russia 2012

New Blue: September 2009

The MOT time came round for New Blue and she need some work on the front end to get her though. The King Pin was gone as well as the front brakes and the tie bar.

Thanks to James of Chgperformance I got all the bits I needed at the ROC National rally. Also while there James gave me a hand to sort out why she had stopped and did not want to start again when she went to Cornwall, well after much head scratching and trips to and from his van New Blue burst into life.

Once she was home I set about getting all the work done for the MOT. Pete came over to give me a hand as I had to do the work after work. With all the bits done I booked her in with Mr. Lees to have the MOT done and she went though with no problems which was good news indeed.

As she seemed to be running so well I decided to see if she would get to Cornwall and back now so set off and she cruised all the way sitting at 70 with no problems at all which was real good news.

Other good news was that IMS when I went to see them about having my spare prop shaft sorted so that when I get New Blue ready for the Russian trip I have a decent prop to fit, they said instead of rebuilding my old one it would be better with a new one so set about making me one and then gave it me as a sponsor of the next New Blue trip Three Wheels to Russia. So welcome on board IMS and if any one is building a special of any sort and need a custom prop shaft or drive shaft then give these people a call.

I am collecting all the bits slowly for New Blue and once I have all that I need then she will come off the road and be rebuilt so that she will done all those miles and more with out any problems.