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Three Wheels to Russia 2012

Well the time has come for New Blue to turn her wheels once again on foreign soil.

As we found out too late we could have had a picture taken under the statue at the the North Cape point I thought that the next trip would be good if we could go there again.

This time I wanted New Blue to turn her wheels in countries that she had not traveled in before.

So thinking about the last trip and the fact that we could not get into Russia I thought it would be good to sort the papers and travel there. I thought about Moscow and friends we met on the last trip said Saint Petersburg, so looking at the map I thought if I go out of Germany in to Poland and then go north into Lithuania then Latvia and possibly Estonia then go from here in to Russia.


New Blue at the North Cape.

This would add up to five new countries that New Blue has not seen or been in before.

Once in Russia I would then head to Moscow and spend a day here and then drive north to St. Petersburg and spend a day here as well.

Then from here head towards Oulu in Finland and then in to Norway at the top and round to the Cape, then it’s back on to the dreaded E06 and head south though Norway towards Oslo and then into Sweden, Denmark back in to Germany and then Amsterdam, Belgium, France and then ferry home.

The route will take some planning as before and I am looking at allowing an extra week possible two to complete the trip as it will add about 2500 miles onto the trip.

There is also the visas and paper work that needs to be done to get in to Russia and the other new countries that I want to go to.

This new trip should be as much fun as the last that I took though I am making a few changes to New Blue and some improvements as well.

So please stay turned to and follow us as I get ready for this trip.

Also we will be looking for a new sponsors for the trip so please feel free to e-mail me if you want details for sponsorship

Geoffrey Payne February 2009

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