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Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008

Journey Completed! - July 2008

Months of hard work from Geoff preparing New Blue for the Reliant North Cape Challenge paid off as we after 3 weeks on the road and 5,500 miles later we have now completed the challenge. New Blue ran great and only had one mishap due to a pressurised petrol tank. The sender unit had been leaking for a while and once Geoff fixed it, the tank became pressurised and stopped fuel getting to the engine. It was apparent that until now the tank had been breathing through the leaking sender unit, once that was fixed that was it. To cure the problem, Geoff drilled a 1/16th hole in the petrol filler pipe and the car ran great.

The roads of Norway prooved something else and really pounded New Blue’s suspension something terrible. Thanks heavens Geoff had reinforced the rear with additional leaf springs. The brakes also took a pounding as well with severe declines down the mountains and hair pin turns though New Blue came through them all, though she even had smoking brakes at one point.

We are not going to go into the details of the journey here as a day by day account can be found on our North Cape blog at 

We will be leaving this live so please feel free to comment if you wish.

In addition to the blog we also have a new book coming out in August all about the trip. The book has extended daily blogs plus a lot more about the trip itself and indeed lots of colour photos. Details of the book can be found here.

If you would like to see more photos from our trip they can be seen on our flickr accounts.

Elvis’ North Cape Photos:

Geoff’s North Cape Photos:

What happens to New Blue now the trip is complete? Well, Geoff now plans to use her as his daily runabout leaving her intact with the stickers etc. This month by month account will now end though once a year we will add updates so that you know what New Blue is up to.

Elvis Payne.

July 2008.

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New Blue at the North Cape.


New Blue at the Russian Border.


New Blue taking a break in Norway.