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Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008

Preparing for the journey - June 2008

Well this is the last chance to prepare, when you read this, we may be up a mountain somewhere, two tall chaps, a Reliant Robin and 4 smelly feet! This is what Geoff has been up to in June:

Well the time is here for the trip and I never thought the car would be ready in time. I also never thought I would be working on it at the twelfth hour.

I have done a full oil change as thanks to Morris Lubricants they have given me the engine and transmission oil for my car. The only oil thatís not been changed is the rear diff and thatís because there is no drain plug on it.

Due to having a large bore exhaust on the car the nice deep under tone was considered a little loud in the car. So I have loaned a standard exhaust to fit to the car for the trip and I am surprised at how much quitter the car sounds now inside.

Talking of inside all the rear has been  removed and a racking built to hold four trays as well as two large compartments. This means that things will not get buried when the car is loaded with the gear.

Pete notice today that the new tank thatís been fitted leaks out the top so this will need the tank dropping again and checking as not only is petrol to expensive to throw away but after Ole Blue not worth the risk.

I have also got an inverter now as well so this means that we have 240v electric in the car so we can charge items like phones and cameras etc.

We would also like to welcome Ericks of Tipton aboard as one of our sponsors thank you for all your help.

You can follow us on our journey by visiting our blog which we hope to be updating each day.

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New Blue raring to go.

New Blue at a photo shoot for Birmingham Focus for Blindness.

New trays in the rear.