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Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008

Preparing for the journey - April 2008

So how did the MOT go Geoff?

Good news this month in that New Blue now carries a twelve month MOT thanks to J.Lees Motor Services

I plan to do a test run in her to Edinburgh on Saturday the 12th April. This will be a good test to see how well the car is performing.

We also have some new sponsors on board which is good news first of all we have Signs R Us would have done our graphics for us and a very nice job as well.

The Second is R H Auto who have Supplied a 300 litre roof box and a pair of spots for the front bumper.

And the third is J.Lees Motor Services who carried out all the MOT work for New Blue saving me quite a few pounds.

The hope now is that the inside can be sorted as there are only 60 days till we leave for the trip.

Updates on the road test trip will be in the next update.

Geoff Payne. April 2008

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New Blue after the MOT.