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Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008

Preparing for the journey - March 2008

I have been working in Dubai yet again though Geoff has been busy with New Blue - even too busy to take photos.  Over to Geoff:

Another month passed en work is moving forward well.

The car went to the MOT station on Thursday to have a few jobs done for the MOT as my work load is too much at the moment.

The MOT went well and it failed on silly things,

1, OS rear brake sticking

2, OS rear hand brake clip missing

3, Rear shocks leaking

4, OS rear light lenses faded

5, Exhaust blowing

6, NS indicator not working

7, OS brake light not working

8, Steering column bracket lose.


Items supplied by Performance Motorcare for our trip.

A small list really so I asked him to take care of these for me so the car will be on the road for next week.

The insurance is now sorted it cost me £250 fully comp with Adrian Flux this includes having Elvis on as a named driver and also my green card for the trip. It also includes European brake down cover which I hope we won’t need lol.

No Pictures really for this up date though after next week work can start on the inside as modifications need to be made to make it easier for Elvis and I on the trip

Geoff Payne. March 2008

During March we also received a parcel from Performance Motorcare who have provided us with a few items that will be most useful on the trip.  These include:

  • Light weight Battery Charger.
  • Detailing swabs
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Brake and chain cleaner
  • Rubber care
  • Invisible glass - for spraying on windscreen.

We would like to say thank you.  These items will be of great use on our trip.

Elvis Payne. March 2008.

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