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Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008

Preparing for the journey - February 2008

Back over to Geoff - who thankfully has borrowed a better camera ;o) ...

This month things have gone really well.

I took a day off work then went in lol so I could spend a day on the car. I managed to get quite a bit done this way. (The car is currently stored where I work)

The first job that I did was fit the oil pressure pipe into place as I finally got the connecter for the block. I can’t bleed the system yet as I still need to fit the new sump. Before fitting it I want to give it a good coat of paint to help protect it.

I then altered the wiring for the back lights so that the new side markers would come on with them. As I lost the off side one Pete lent me one till I can get a replacement so e-bay here I come.

Pete then came over in the afternoon to lend me a hand in fitting the new roof rack well, I say new, I removed it from the bus ( my old Renault Espace) before scrapping it. It went on quite well when I got the angle grinder to it. Using spacers under the body to spread the load Pete then helped me to line it up and drill the holes. I must admit that it looks quite good on.

The other job that I got done was the search light on the near side wing. I was going to leave it off but it will be useful when people break down if it is dark as we can then move the light when we need to. Even though there is a switch one the back I have wired it to a second switch inside the car to stop people playing with it.

The other big job that I have done this month is fit the battery kill switch this will have a cable on it so that it can be operated from the inside of the car if needed. With this now it means that once operated there is only twelve inches of cable that is live so reducing electric fires.

Geoff Payne. February 2008

Geoff - I like how you say “when people break down” rather than “if they break down”.

I’d just like to add that we also now have Performance Motorcare and Q4 Insure on board as sponsors so we would like to thank them for their support.

Elvis. February 2008.

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