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Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008

Preparing for the journey - March / April 2007

Things haven’t been going well with “New Blue”, my brother explains:.

Not much gone on with New Blue this month as I have moved in to a new place and started a new job.

I did replace the carburetor with a good second hand unit (Thanks Pete) which cured the starting problem and she would the start right on queue.

I braved the cold then and took her for a run to see what if any difference that had made and was well surprised. I got on the motor way at junction four and the blasted down to junction three and she zipped along happily cruising at 70mph. In fact as I was going down the motor way I over took a Mazda MX5 and then with out warning they came up on the outside of me gave me a dirty look as if to say, “How dare you over take us in that” and sped off. I think I upset them more when I just laugh at them.

The only thing to show it’s head on the run was that the oil light came on once the engine was warm. With the distance I did, if there was no oil pressure then I would have lost the engine so I believe it may be the oil switch or the pressure relief valve. I have replacements for both so will change them.

Plans though have taken a big jump forward as the problem with the seals came back big time. At first when she was started and taken for her MOT the only problem was that the valve steam seals were allowing a small amount of oil passed and gave smoke out of the rear. Now though things have got a lot worst.

The front crank seal is leaking big time as is the rear also the sump has started to leak though the gasket which means the neighbours love me with the large oil patch on the floor.

I did manage to go to Nipperred's (Reliant breakers) and pick up some really good parts for very little cost which we will need for the trip. I found a Tow bar cost £2.50 also a spot light and switch to replace broken units £2.50. A new hazard light switch £2.50 and some ignition leads £2.50. And the best buy was a replacement ‘A’ frame with a King Pin with no play in it at all and the cost… guessed it £2.50 so a good day though and though.

At the start of April she was smoking quite seriously and so me and Pete jacked her her and took the engine out. I now plan to rebuild it replacing all the seals, even the ones that don’t leak at the moment as if I leave them, they probably will.  I will also replace the oil pump as whilst the engine is out this is a simple job and will without doubt cure the oil light pressure problem. I will at some stage though fit an oil pressure gauge so that I know exactly what is going on.

Geoff Payne April 2007

Go to May


Not the best way to make friends with new neighbours.


Instant smoke screen - wasn’t this an installed feature on one of James Bond’s cars..


Nipperred’s Reliant “Theme Park”.


Jacked up ready for engine removal.


Engine removed and waiting for a rebuild.