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The GMT Microcab is a hybrid vehicle manufactured by Greenheart Millenium Transport Ltd, London (UK).  Plans for the vehicle were first drawn up in October 1996 with the idea of building a hybrid human powered / electric taxi.  By September 1997 a 1/5 scale model was built in which resulted in the first full scale vehicle in August 1999. More modifications were made to the design and a new lighter version of the Microcab appeared in April 2000.

The vehicle has an E-glass, carbon-epoxy foam sandwich moulded floorpan with GRP and ABS moulded body panels attached to it. The roof and side panels are removable to correspond to weather conditions.  The body houses two passenger seats in the rear and a bicycle type seat for the driver with handlebar controls.

When not being propelled under pedal power the vehicle is powered by a 600w Honda electric motor with a differential drive shaft.  The 48v batteries in the vehicle are charged when the vehicle is braking and trickle charged via a solar panel on the roof.

The Microcab weighs just 125kg and is almost silent in operation.  In addition its narrow width (1060 mm) allows it to run on a narrow carriageway.  With the closure of their web site nothing seems to exist about the vehicle from 2007 onwards.

GMT Microcab

The 2000 GMT Microcab. (My thanks go to John Jostins for allowing me to use this picture and data)

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