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Online Games:

Ole Blue Puzzle

An online jigsaw puzzle of “Ole Blue”. Seems easy enough but can you complete it faster than anyone else to get to the top of the score board?

The puzzle is best view at 1024  x 768 but will work in lower resolutions. To rotate a jigsaw piece, click on it before you drag and drop it into position.

Start Puzzle .

Carver Slide Puzzle

A photo of a Carver is sliced up and moved around. Can you slide all the pieces back to recreate the photo. The least moves you make to complete the picture, the more points you will be awarded.

Start puzzle .

The 3-wheeler Quiz

Just how well do you know your 3-wheelers and indeed this web site.  Take the 3-wheeler quiz and find out. 

There are 5 levels in total. All the answers to this quiz can be found within this web site.

Start Quiz .

Follow the lights

Sounds easy enough.  Lights flash and you follow the sequence ... but how long will you last before you forget?

Start Follow the lights .


Try and work out the secret combination of colours. The more you get right, the more points you earn.

Start Supermind .

Black Jack

Get as close to 21 as you can without going over.

Start BlackJack .

Siggi the Sea horse

Race your seahorse and collect points along the way but watch out for nasty things that will slow you down.

Start Siggi the Seahorse .


Collect disk, computers and laptops and use the antivirus but the viruses get you..

Start Virusbuster .