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My thanks go to Warren Behler for these photos of his friend’s Trihawk.  Warren writes:

"Hello." See the attached multi-photo of John Alley's 1984 Trihawk 3-wheeler, that he just got running after it had been in a storage container for 23 years! His father had bought it new, then had put it in storage a year later when he came down with a terminal illness... John was only about 10 years old then. A few months ago, John retrieved the 'Hawk from its container and has gotten it going again, with a little help from your's truly (via a lot of emailing). John lives in Mt.Shasta City, 366 miles north of me, and 3 weeks ago I drove up his home to meet him & his family and see the car... It is unbelievably good looking! Be sure to check out the mileage on its odometer.

His Trihawk is identical to mine, except for the black panel in the center of its bonnet. It is even the same Bright Yellow color.




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