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Farewell GRE 33N!

I had had my Robin for several years so when it was written off I was quite upset as this was in effect my first car.  When the day came to part exchange it for a Rialto a couple of my university friends and I decided to climb aboard it for a final farewell picture, before it went to the great 3-wheeler heaven in the sky. As we all clambered aboard Dave Tonkin launched himself on to the rear of the vehicle only to start sliding off. The top photo shows me pulling him back up by the collar of his shirt. The second picture was taken an hour before it was sold. I kept both the number plates and badges from it just for Nostagia. On the car are friends from University; from left to right (top photo), Briony Jones, Nicki Rust at the front and me and Dave Tonkin at the back.  You may be asking, so why is this funny ... well... just look at my hair!!!