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Celebrity Driver

On 19th July 2007 I was invited over to an old military airport in Wiltshire for a photo shoot for Practical Classics magazine for an article on "Comedy Classics".  The article was being co-written by Chris Barrie, famous for his roles as Arnold Rimmer (the Hologram) in the BBC TV series "Red Dwarf"  and Gordon Brittas in the BBC TV series "The Brittas Empire" along with numerous other roles like Hilary the Butler in the Lara Croft Tomb Raider films.

At the photo shoot my brother captured these shots of Chris having a test drive in my Reliant of which he said, despite the "Massive" TV series, that this was the first Reliant he had driven.

Ater the test drive he handed over his camera and asked if he could have a photo of him next to my Reliant and said, "This is for when I write a book on all the cars I have driven". That made me smile as did the fact my car has had a celebrity driver.  :o)


Chris Barrie test driving my Reliant - Ole Blue.

Me (left), Ole Blue and Chris Barrie.