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Last Updated 29th June 2016

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Welcome to 3-wheelers.com, the online A-Z of 3-wheeled cars with over 2,100 pages


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Love them or loathe them the 3-wheeler, Cycle-car or even Tri-car, has had an important impact in the development of the present day motor car.  From the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution  to the Concept cars of the future, these vehicles can hold their headlamps up with pride. They were present at the birth of motoring and possibly may well be the the answer to the future with the constant depletion of the Earth’s energy resources.

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Reliant Motor Company

by Elvis Payne

Reliant Motor Company

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The aim of this web site is to build an online catalogue of all 3 wheeled vehicles manufactured from the invention of Cugnot’s first steam powered 3-wheeler in 1769 to present day. If you have a 3-wheeled vehicle that is not listed in any of these pages please let me know and I will add it. I hope that you enjoy your visit.


The A-Z of 3-wheelers

The A-Z of Three-Wheelers

A 304 page hard back book on Three-Wheelers

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The A-Z of Three Wheelers

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I  am delighted to announce that the A-Z of Three-Wheelers is now available. This is quite a large hard back book that covers around 200 more manufacturers than detailed on this web site from 1769 onwards. It goes into greater detail listing over 450 different manufacturers and over 1,000 different models including cars, trucks, land speed vehicles, amphibious cars and invalid carriages. It has just over 470 images and is one of few books where much of the information has come directly from those involved with the vehicles (For example the Spi Tri, that has each model detailed for the first time). In addition to this Charles Morgan from the Morgan Motor Company has also kindly written a forward for the book.

The book is 21.95 and can be purchased directly from Crecy Publishing or numerous other on-line book stores including Amazon.

Reliant Website www..reliant.website

The Reliant Motor Club


Reliant.Website is a new motor club for owners and enthsiast of Reliant vehicles

The A - Z section has now been created as a database.  This means that in addition to viewing a list of all 3-wheelers, you can run reports on specific types, dates and wheel configuration etc.

 History of 3-wheelers

Before there were 4-wheelers there were 3.  A brief time line of 3-wheelers from Leonardo da Vinci’s plans in 1478 to present day.

3-wheeler Trivia Facts

What is the fastest 3-wheeler? What is the oldest, the smallest, the largest, the , the most expensive .... find out here the answer to these questions and more..

Interview with Elio Motors

Interview with Elio Motors by Arak Leatham.

3-wheelers.com e-interviews

As part of our 10th birthday, 3-wheelers.com got in touch will a number of key people that it has met over the years to arrange a number of e-interviews.

Robert. Q. Riley
Dr. Tom Karen Chris Barrie Richard Smith Ron Will
Dave Mounce Peter Stanhope Richard Oakes Jane Neil Elvis Payne

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