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Pink Engine!

If you open the bonnet on a Reliant Robin you don't actually see much of the engine as that is half inside the car and can be accessed from inside the car - which is great when it rains. On this photo you can also see my Robin's original colour - pink! Through the bonnet you have just enough room to check oil and water levels and top up the battery. (The second bottle in this picture at the front of the engine bay was for the water pistol.) The horn has been disconnected but leads to several air horns behind the front grill.

You can also see the heater which works by passing water from the engine through an aluminium grille then blowing the warm air off this inside the car.  The car was never cold though as you had the heat from the engine inside. Before I went to Staffordshire University I stayed at Fircroft college for a year as this was a residential college. As I would drive out of the college grounds via a single narrow lane, this one particular lady; Sylvia, would see me and stand in the middle of the drive. She would hold her arms out and just stand there so I could not get pass.

So as she had done this a few time I equipped the car with several air horns.  Sure enough a few days later she did it again and so I switched on the horns and it sounded like a battle cruiser coming into dock.  She jumped about 30 feet in the air and moved out the way. However the next time she stood there blocking the road the air horns had no effect.  I needed another weapon, then just a day or so later one of the water jets for my screen washer were blocked so as I cleaned it out with a pin it I refixed the jet which then proceeded to squirt water up over the car and completely miss it. As I adjusted it, it then occurred to me that if I pointed this forward it would be a great way to get this woman out of the way.  So after rummaging through my spares I found another water jet and fixed it just behind the mesh grill at the front of the Robin. This then had its own bottle of water in the engine bay, an electric pump (The original screen washer was not electric but a plunger type) and a new switch on the dashboard.  It worked a charm, again this lady stood in the middle of the lane only this time I switched on the water pistol and she dived for cover at the side of the road.  After that she never stood in the lane again.