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3-Wheeler Paper Models.

Section 1: Paper Models

Reliant Regal Supervan III

Download (From site 1 - UK)

Download (From site 2 - UK)

Size: 668 KB

Format: PDF

Bond Bug 700ES

Download (From site 1 - UK)

Download (From site 2 - UK)

Size: 544 KB

Format: PDF

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The paper models above have been created exclusively for by Irineu Paulini in Brazil. Both models are in a PDF format* and can be downloaded for free. Excellent instructions are provided with each model and it is recommended that they are printed onto thin card.  From there, just cut them out and glue them together and you have a new Reliant Regal & Bond Bug Model. My thanks go to Irineu for producing these superb models for

To save these models to your hard drive right click on Download and choose “Save Target As”. Due to the bandwidth these models may use I have stored them on two ISP servers rather than the one. If one exceeds its bandwidth limit please try the second server.

* Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free by clicking here.

Copyright Notice.

These models are protected by copyright (C) 2002-2004 Irineu Paulini. All Rights Reserved. They can be distributed freely in their present form but under no circumstances can they be modified in any way or sold without the permission of Irineu Paulini and Elvis Payne.

Irineu Paulini:

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