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A 3x3 Super Robin? This photograph was taken at Weston Park in 1991 at a Classic-Car Rally. Due to the torrential rain on the day getting across the field was like driving in a Rally itself.  The highlight came on the second day when things were so boggy that heavy 4-wheeler cars were getting stuck in the mud.  When I got into my Robin it drove through the field and to the gates with ease and much to everyone's surprise (including mine). As I had a tow bar I then jested that I would pull anyone out of the mud who was stuck! A great victory for the 3-wheeler.   It was during this rally that I entered the car into a Classic Car show. It proudly stood on show next to an immaculate 1960's Jaguar.  The Jaguar owner was not impressed. My Robin didn't win but then made up for it with the humour it created.