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Laughing Chair!

In the days before I brought my Rover with its Walnut interior I always wanted a walnut dashboard. Although not to clear this photo shows the dashboard of my Reliant Robin with its fake "stick on" walnut dashboard and plush Axminister carpet left over from my mum's living room. On the far left of the picture you can see a crude attempt by myself  at making a glove box which also included next to it a clock and Cigerette lighter from a Jaguar. I also used lights from the Jaguar across the whole of the dash to duplicate those hidden by the new smaller steering wheel I fitted. Extra switches were also added one of which activated a water pistol at the front of the car. The best feature of all was a laughing seat.

A circuit board out of an old broken "laughing mirror" had been placed under the cushion of the passenger seat along with a Micro-switch. When a passenger then sat down, the chair would then start laughing at them. Sadly this only worked for a few passengers as when a "rather large" passenger got in they broke the circuit in half and the chair never laughed again.