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Classic Van and pick up magazine.  (Page 10  November  2006)

In November 2006 the “Classic Van and pick up” magazine reviewed my “How to restore Reliant Regal book”.

Elvis Lives - In three-wheelers.

If the Reliant three-wheelers are an acquired taste then working on them is equally as specialised. For example, have you ever tried to change a head gasket? And, of course, you need a certain degree of skill to cope with repairs to the glass-fibre bodies. If you're going in for a full restoration then by far the easiest way is to lift off the body for total and complete access to everything, especially the chassis. One of the latest books from Veloce Publishing is "How to Restore the Reliant Regal" and it is a most comprehensive guide to sorting out one of these little fellas. Without sounding like some sort of corny journalistic hack, we must say that it is packed with information and colour photographs and presents in words and pictures just about everything you need to know.

Quite apart from anything else, the author has one of the coolest names around for somebody writing an automotive book. His name is Elvis Payne. He has been a Reliant enthusiast since owning his first threewheeler in 1990 and is now the webmaster for the Reliant Owners Club and also the creator of www., possibly the largest three-wheeler website in the world. His latest project is the restoration of a Reliant Regal Supervan and the vehicle features heavily in the book.

Veloce themselves say: "Del Boy could do with a copy of this book." Can't imagine Trotter getting his hands dirty, but he'd probably be able to flog plenty of copies at the market. Anyhow, the book has 208 pages and costs a pretty hefty £29.99. Then again, it's got a lot to offer. Veloce are on 01305 260068. Alternatively, e-mail or plumb into