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Cuckoo Spring Fayre, Laughton Nr Ringmer, E.Sussex, UK.  June 1st- 4th 2002.

Report & Pictures by Alan Hubbard.

Here in the South of England the Jubilee weekend kicked off the Transport fayre season with an extended 4 day event at the Cuckoo Spring Fayre. Laughton near Ringmer East Sussex. this is the spring event, whereas the Summer version is called Laughton Country Fayre. Same Venue, different name. The Weather was hot and Sunny for the first 2 days and then cloudy and wet for the next two, Typical British weather then!! However, we went on the hot sunny Sunday whilst everyone else watched football on TV. Some team drew against Sweden apparently!

Surprisingly, the event was packed out!!! so I'm not the only one that cant stand football!!!   £6 for adults and £3 for children doesn't seem bad, but there was no reduced "family ticket" as is common at many events, so £18 later we were in! The Spring event is much the same as the Summer version , general market stalls have taken over the autojumble, but then it is a Fayre as opposed to a Transport festival  The most noticeable difference however,: In the Summer ploughing engines toil the soil with traditional methods whereas the spring event has POWER PULLING!!  Mad mans motor sport is how its billed!! mini tractors pull a weighted sled down a 100 metre track .......sounds kinda dull?  Well the mini tractors are like mini dragsters, big fat tyres on the back, smaller ones on the front. the tractor is about the size of a tractor! but then comes the engine! V8, V12's Turbo chargers, the lot  even a Jet powered one!! Satan's Toy, The sled has a several ton weight on its back which is pulled up the bed of the sled increasing its weight as the tractor pulls the whole lot down the track, not all make it to the end!!!



Noisy? you betcha Ass!!!!  Sadly, No 3 -wheelers doing any pulling!!, in fact very few 3-wheelers were at this Spring event.   I spotted quite a few Bubblecars and Messershmitts scale models for sale, all looking perfect and worthy of display. It was only in the car section I came across a Bright yellow Citroen Lomax. Whether there were any other cars on display on the other days of the event, I don't know, the football may have kept others from being displayed!!

Bear in mind that the autojumble consisted of about 12 stands, seeing any thing 3 wheeler  related was astounding to say the least and in the autojumble section I spotted a couple of 3 wheeler tricycles, (I'll leave Elvis to Identify them).

Thanks!  Nice Lomax photo, the other one looks fascinating.  They are definately an invalid car of some sort from the steering mechanism though I’m not exactly sure what! Anyone else know?

There was the usual high turn out of commercial vehicles but again the only other 3 wheeler I spotted was the same blue tractor from the Summer fayre from last year. All in all a great day out but this time around it was the sled pulling which made the event.

Alan Hubbard