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Competition 2 (Now Closed)

Win a “Dirty One”.

In December 2002 this site ran a competition to win a one off “Dirty One” model. As an experiment (and pure curiosity)  I hand painted model number 196 and by mixing an acrylic paint I applied the dirt.  Being acrylic, the paint actually stood slightly proud and gave the illusion that the vehicle had just charged through a muddy field. 

To win this model, current model owners needed to take their model and photograph it in front of a landmark where they lived.  This could be a sign, an historic building, landmark or anything that is unique to the place they lived. The competition closed on December 15th with just eight entries.

As I knew a few of the people who submitted photos I asked my girlfriend, Sue, to judge the competition for me as she knew no one, so her view was completely unbiased.  I gave her the details of the competition by email and Sue replied:

Well, after long and hard deliberation, I think the winner has to be the Telford/Ironbridge one (Kerry Croxton). It is a famous landmark after all and the photos were good, so the entry satisfied all the criteria. Photo 1 is the best one. The car looks good and the bridge looks  good too.

Congratulations go to Kerry who wins the Dirty One model.  Sadly there are no prizes for 2nd and 3rd place but Sue also said:

However, definite commendations must go to the Hatfield one (Guy Mendum), where  the photos were excellent and the perspective was so good that the car actually  looked life size. The Xmas Tree decoration was absolutely brilliant (if not a  local landmark - perhaps there is a market here?).

If there was a prize for the cutest photo it should be Willi, who is just the cutest little dog in the world and the photo of him (by Mike Kramer) with the model on his head is so sweet. I don't know how they managed to keep him still long enough.

My thanks goes to all those who entered the competition and indeed to Sue for judging. If you did not win this time there will be more competitions in the future.

The judge's decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into.

Model Number 196 - The Dirty one.


1st: Model Number 51 next to the Ironbridge at Telford (UK) - Photo by Kerry Croxton.


2nd: Model Number 77 in the lobby at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield (UK) - Photo by Guy Mendum.

Cutest Photo

Cutest Photo: Model Number 345 on Willi in Dortmund (Germany) - Photo by Mike Kramer.