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Classiccars. (Page 5 of supplement October 2008)

The October edition of Classiccars features a photo of “New Blue” that apparently came from their archives - even they we have never supplied it to them.  The photo was in a supplement entitled “The top 35 cars of 1973” Interestingly the Reliant Robin is number 34 and the article is about the original Mk 1 Reliant Robin built from 1973 - 1981 so it is funny in a way they use a 1990 Reliant Robin that looks completely different to the original.  Number 35 was a Ford Mustang II - based on using a photo of a 1990 Reliant when talking about a 1973 one they could have used a photo of a Ford Fiesta in place of the Ford Mustang II one. ;o)