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Classic Car Weekly. (Page 5 - 15th December 2005)

On December 15th Classic Car Weekly wrote a review of my Reliant Regal Restoration book.

How to Restore Reliant Regal

Elvis Payne.

There can be few nations that embrace quirkiness and eccentricity as readily as the British.  We love over-the-top characters, oddness and anything we can laugh at but still feel a warmth towards. So, we’re possibly the only country that would allow someone as unusual as Patrick Moore and his crazy monacle onto the television so readily. After all can you imagine America - the supposed land of the beautiful - embracing such a unique and quite clearly barking individual? Probably not, and only we could produce and turn the three-wheeled Reliant Regal into a cult image and national treasure.

Forever associated in the minds of the British public with Del-Boy and Rodders, they simply don’t make them like they used to. Which means you’ll have to restore it yourself if you want a good one today. So what better place to start than with a comprehensive restoration manual to help you? 

How to restore Reliant Regal shows exactly what its title suggest. Written by Elvis Payne, you’d think he’d be an interesting character with a name like that and he’s clearly a dedicated enthusiast, with a genuine passion for the marque judging by the amount of photographs portraying him working outdoors and really taking the bull by the horn, so to speak.

This book includes all the information you’ll ever need about stripping, rebuilding, trimming and painting your Reliant Regal in perfectly illustrated, step by step detail. It provides a complete guide to all the many aspects of restoration work, including engine, gearbox, and suspension rebuilds - all three corners - as well as paint and body renovation.

If life with three wheels on your wagon gets your blood pumping and you enjoy working on the Regal, this book is a must have.

Just was we were writing this, Veloce Publishing revealed that the official launch of the book takes place on Saturday 17th December. Admittedly, that’s a bit short notice, but if you get your copy of CCW early enough you’ll be able to pop along to the Tamworth Information Centre (TIC) at 10:00am, where you can buy a copy for yourself, meet and chat with the author and se the fruits of his labour parked outside.  The Reliant Owners Club will also be making an apperance and be convoying through the town centre. So check the date because you’ve either missed it or you don’t have long to wait ... For further information please contact Mandy Hay at the Tamworth Tourist Information Centre on 01827 709572.