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Classic Car Mart (March 2006: Page 108 - 109).

The March 2006 edition of Classic Car Mart featured an article on the Reliant Owners’ Club.  It also detailed my Reliant Regal restoration book:

One Reliant Owners' Club member who deserves a special mention is Elvis Payne who not only designed and maintains the club's website, but has also just had a book published by Veloce: How to Restore the Reliant Regal. This 208 page softback publication is packed with photographs and step-by-step guides taking you through the whole procedure of bringing your Regal or Supervan back to life. Despite this being very much a niche title, a huge amount of work has gone into ensuring it is authoritative and incredibly detailed. For more details of this £29.99 book (ISBN no 1-8-4584-004-6) check out