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Manufacturer Tour

Tour of Carver (Vandenbrink) Facilities, Holland. ) Page 2 of 2

25th August  2003 (Dordrecht, Holland)

Photo 6: The rear of the Carver before the rear drive train is added.

Photo 7: Front of the Carver clearly showing the huge disc brakes at the front..

Photo 8: This Carver has yet to have a side door fixed on to it but as a result gives a great view of the leather and alcantara seats. 

Photo 9: Another view of the interior showing the dashboard.  Just below the right hand side of the steering wheel you can see the gear lever which is set at a nice comfortable height.

Photo 10: After viewing the manufacturing process Harry took me up to see the offices and better still the Design Engineering PC’s that have various CAD models of the Carver stored away on them.  Harry explained that when first designing the Carver that they literally started from chopping up a motorcycle and then building a unit at the back of it.  The body shape was then designed around the mechanics.

Photo 11: The finished article.








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