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2001 Carlisle (Pennsylvania) Import-Kit/Replicar Show. USA. May 18-20 2001

Report & Pictures by Raymond Buckland.

The North American Three Wheeler Association (NATWA) had its first serious get-together at the 2001 Carlisle (Pennsylvania) Import-Kit / Replicar Show On May 18-20.

Jamieson DuRette, founder of NATWA, had his original IndyCycle on display. He was joined by Tom and Sybil Ingram with their Fire Aero and trailer. A Grinnall Scorpion joined the group, as did Tom Miller with his latest creation, a Harley-powered two-seat 3-wheeler on a sandrail frame and with minimal fibreglass bodywork. Last year Tom had his Hudson Kindred Spirit at the show. "Buck" Buckland had trailer problems so was unable to bring his new Manx, as promised, though he was there in person and with an album of photographs. There was also an alien "IndyCycle" that appears to be based on Jamieson's original. It is now offered as a kit by Jim Musser using Jamieson's name "IndyCycle." Next year's show promises to be even bigger and better where 3-wheelers are concerned.

Jamieson DuRette’s IndyCycle

Tom & Sybil’s Fire Aero

Tom Miller’s Harley powered 3-wheeler.

Dave Atlas’ Grinnall Scorpion.

Jim Musser’s IndyCycle.

Pontiac Fiero Trike, “Wild Thing”