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Visiting this web site you will have noticed the caricatures of my 3-wheelers on the main stage door of The caricatures were all created by Graham Hodgson aka “car2nz”. As so many people have asked about them I thought, with Graham’s help, that I’d show you a number of other drawings that Graham has done.

If you have a Reliant (whether it be a 3-wheeler or a 4-wheeler) Graham can do a personal caricature of your vehicle from a photograph. Graham also has created a number of cutaway drawings, one of which was featured in my book.

For owners of other 3-wheelers (and indeed 4-wheelers), Graham can create line drawings and renderings..

Other drawings created by Graham for

View more of Graham’s drawings.

Only a tiny sample of Graham’s work is shown on these pages. If you would like to contact him to see how much it would be for a caricature / drawing of your vehicle, please click here

Reliant Robin Saloon
Reliant Robin Estate
Reliant Rialto Saloon