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British Car magazine - Holland (Page 15 January  2006)

In January 2006 the “British Car” magazine in Holland reviewed my “How to restore Reliant Regal book”. The following text was translated by Babel Fish Translation and then tidied up by little.

Nieuw bij Veloce.

How to Restore Reliant Regal

Do not laugh! Between 1962 and 1973 more than 100,000 Regal saloons and vans have been built, and many have endured the cog of time because the body cannot rust.

Low prices, lower road tax and economical engines make these cars a good solution for the contemporary transport problems.

This book forms a guiding principle at finding a suitable Reliant Regal for restoration. Also it is a perfect step by step guide at dismantling and restoring the body, electrics and engine. The car will leave your garage in showroom condition! The author,. Elvis Payne, have been a Reliant owner since 1990, when he bought his first Reliant. Since then he has written a lot of Reliant related articles for illustrated magazines and he manages the Internet site