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World Exclusive: The first picture of the New BRA MG3

(19th April 2001) is proud to be given the opportunity to share with the world the first photograph of the new BRA MG3. This is the first model produced and the first picture to be reproduced anywhere, so much so that David Wiles of the BRA Motor Works informs me that the image is yet to be added to the BRA web site and has not been seen by the Media. is currently the only place in the World that is displaying the BRA MG3

The BRA MG3 is the first BRA to be powered by a Moto Guzzi engine. BRA have taken its CX3 model and re-engineered it.

The chassis is manufactured to accept  the parts from a Moto Guzzi and it uses the engine, gearbox, transmission and rear end of the Moto Guzzi. The MG3 can be powered by a range of engines from 850cc to the 1100i.  The model pictured is powered by the 850cc engine.

The New BRA MG3. (My thanks to David Wiles for sending me this picture and allowing me to be the first to show it.)

The chassis for this car was manufactured by BRA Motor Works in 2000 and the car was built by a customer, Nigel  Pitt. David Wiles from BRA states that, “He has done a superb job and the car looks and drives very well.”   David says that, “ There are two more being built by other customers plus another by us at BRA, although ours is slightly different as it will be the first of a very limited  number of fully built cars.”

The MG3’s will all be very highly specified and with high quality finish, paint, and trim, etc.

The car may never again be offered as a kit and BRA are looking towards re-developing the MG3 as a fully built option only.  If this is the case the model pictured above may well become one of only 4 ever!

For more information on BRA see the A-Z section of this web site and visit BRA at